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The life of Le Quyen and her ex-husband after a year of divorce – Star

Le Quyen has a full life with young love, Duc Huy has just broken up with Cam Dan after a short time of learning.

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Le Quyen was born in 1981, married to businessman Duc Huy since 2010. They have a son together – 11-year-old Bo. At the end of October 2020, Le Quyen confirmed her divorce from her husband after 10 years of marriage. The singer said that she and her husband divorced voluntarily, without violating morality and law. Both consider each other as friends, relatives, civilized, understanding and do not hurt each other. The 40-year-old singer hopes everyone will be happy. Currently, baby Bo is taken care of by them alternately. The two often talk to each other to teach their children.

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Three months after her marriage broke up, Le Quyen found new happiness. Her boyfriend is Lam Bao Chau, tall, handsome face, used to be a model. She and Bao Chau stick like sam at the event, many times traveling together. Loving her boyfriend 12 years younger, Le Quyen’s love received many negative reviews and comments. From the time when she showed signs of dating Le Quyen, Lam Bao Chau was under a lot of pressure. He was said to be ‘materialistic’, ‘flying old lady’ but ignored these views instead of responding.

Le Quyen said her current man is under a lot of pressure because “they were unlucky, they met Quyen when Quyen was too bright, there were too many things so everyone doubted that person’s feelings for Quyen were ‘real’.” or not?’ and said very bitter words’. She wants the audience to rest assured because she is someone who has intuition, feeling, and experience to know what kind of person next to her is.

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Le Quyen could not hide her happiness when posting sweet moments with young love on her personal page. Since the Lunar New Year 2021, Le Quyen has been more open about her love for Bao Chau. They wore couple clothes and returned to Hanoi to celebrate Tet. Talking about her relationship, the singer said that she loves to keep it private, not secret. Finding ‘half’ of life at the age of 40, she feels like a youth again. Le Quyen invests in style and appearance to help her look younger. The star couple does not have much difference in appearance when walking together. The singer believes that a happy and fulfilled woman is when she has a brilliantly successful career and a kind man to love and support. She considers herself the luckiest and happiest person because at every stage of her life there is a man like that by her side to protect her wholeheartedly.

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In early July, Le Quyen and her boyfriend went to Hanoi to visit her mother and were stuck because of the epidemic. They stay at home, spend time taking care of each other. Every day, Bao Chau goes to the supermarket under the apartment building to buy food and cooks with Le Quyen. They exercise together to maintain their body shape. Bao Chau works as a home trainer for Le Quyen. He buys tools and guides his girlfriend to practice. In his spare time, he takes on the position of ‘deputy photographer’, capturing the happy moments of his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Le Quyen also proved her talent when working hard in the kitchen to cook for her loved ones. There are days, she spends many hours cooking a pot of braised meat with eggs or delicious vermicelli, treating young love.


At the beginning of January, the “tea room queen” bought a new villa in the rich land. She repeatedly showed off photos of the property during construction on her personal page. The outside view of the villa has the main white color, classical Greek style. Each chair, light set, and curtains are carefully selected by Le Quyen. The garden is planted with many trees and has a swimming pool. Le Quyen is eagerly waiting for the completion of the villa to move in and welcome friends to visit and have fun.

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She spent more than 5 billion VND to buy an Audi Q8 for easy transportation and work. Le Quyen is one of the first people in Vietnam to own this luxury car. Expensive show in the present, Thai Nguyen’s hometown singer has a lot of money after the divorce.

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At the age of 40, Le Quyen works hard at the gym and eats healthy, so her body is slim. She is 1.63 m tall, measuring 86-58-91 cm. She was commented to have a body “like an 18-year-old girl” when maintaining a weight of 46 kg. Currently, she is an A-lister of Vietnamese showbiz, making her mark in the bolero music genre, the name of the ticket-selling guarantee chosen by many show voters.

Le Quyen exercises

Le Quyen shows off her slim figure

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Duc Huy after the divorce was also immersed in a new love. He dated beautiful Cam Dan, 27 years younger. Cam Dan revealed that she and businessman Duc Huy knew each other after the Miss Vietnam contest ended. An Giang beauty said that Duc Huy was close to her manager. He realized that she was a potential face, sympathized with her beauty contest story, so he wanted to help and support development in the field of art. Cam Dan affirmed that he and Duc Huy initially only cooperated in work through a manager and after a while gradually fell in love with each other, not a “long-legged – giant” relationship as everyone implied. However, on the afternoon of October 23, Cam Dan confirmed that he had stopped learning about Duc Huy and was enjoying a single life at the age of 19.

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Duc Huy is in the real estate business and runs a large company based in Ho Chi Minh City. The divorce does not affect his work. Businessman busy with many new projects. Tea Room No name owned by him in Ho Chi Minh City had a large number of visitors before the epidemic.

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At the age of 46, Duc Huy has many valuable assets. At the end of April, he bought a Bentley Flying Spur for more than VND 25 billion according to his son’s hobby. He and baby Bo live in a villa in Thu Duc City and are building a new home to move in with their son in the future.


Duc Huy once shared that he is not a perfect person but will love his children in the most perfect way. Busy but he still takes baby Bo to school, play sports and travel. In his middle age, he kept his cool and had a passion for golf.

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In the past time, Duc Huy has been enthusiastically doing volunteer work. He and the members of the Mutual Cool Club prepared many meals a day to donate to the frontline against the epidemic and people in the quarantine and blockade areas.

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