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‘Giá kinh tế bây giờ có đạo đức ngày xưa’

On the eve of the National Cultural Conference, VietNamNet had an exchange with Dr. Le Doan Hop, former Minister of Information and Communications revolves around the issue of “Promoting cultural values ​​and human strength in Vietnam”.

Vietnam has gone through 35 years of Doi Moi, a long enough time to evaluate the results as well as lessons learned. As a former Minister of Culture and Information, he can honestly the most cultural achievements of the past 35 years?

In 1986, the country’s comprehensive renovation, in which, the economic field had many summaries and assessments. As for culture, every time the Party has directives, resolutions, and conclusions, there are assessments and comments, but this National Cultural Conference focuses on comprehensively assessing and giving development orientations and strategies. Culture in the spirit of Resolution XIII of the Party.

'Economic prices now have the morals of the past'
Former Minister of Information and Communications Le Doan Hop. Photo: Le Anh Dung

Looking back over the past 35 years, I think that the cultural field has many bright spots: First, the cultural identities of the ethnic groups have been preserved, maintained, developed and enhanced. The country is innovating, the economy is deeply integrated, but the culture is not dissolved or lost. This is clearly shown that the culture of 54 ethnic groups is not faded but preserved, promoting traditional values ​​not only to preserve but also to be the strength of the northern provinces, the Central Highlands. attract domestic and foreign tourists. Secondly, local, regional and national cultural festivals are preserved, restored deeper, more identity, richer. Third, tangible and intangible cultures are preserved, including many values ​​recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritages such as Hue royal court music, Central Highlands gong cultural space, folk music, and traditional music. Quan ho folk songs, Nghe Tinh Vi Giam folk songs, Ca Tru, Giong Festival, Xoan singing, Hung Vuong worshiping beliefs, Southern Don ca tai tu… Fourth, culinary culture is brought to a new height, with many national and international records.

But it is undeniable that a part of society is culturally and morally degraded. During the National Assembly sessions, the issue of degradation of social morality and culture of behavior was repeatedly raised by many National Assembly deputies, sir?

That is an undeniable fact. The degradation of culture and morality of a part of society, especially young people, will be carefully discussed at this National Cultural Conference for better direction and implementation.

As someone who is particularly interested in the field of culture, how do you feel about the cultural and moral degradation of a part of society?

It is true that the morality and culture of a part of society are degraded, even degraded with unknown stopping points. I was very worried about this phenomenon, so in the poem “My hometown from the commune to the ward”, I had to exclaim: “The current economic price has the old morality”.

If this particular phenomenon becomes widespread, it will be really dangerous, because culture and morality degrade, all economic and material achievements achieved after 35 years of renovation will no longer have much meaning. Even further, the blood and bones of the ancestors poured down to liberate the nation will fade when a part of young people do not know how to cherish.

Having been a soldier of Uncle Ho, I spent 9 years participating in the liberation of the South, so I understand the roots of the culture of many regions. In a word, culture is morality, human love, compatriots, comrades, family, brothers, friends, homeland, which cannot be measured or measured. It can be said that a virtuous person will radiate outward with culture. A person is cultured because inside they are moral. Therefore, culture is the quintessence of morality.

The country now is very different from the time of his father. But cultural values ​​have never changed, so I think it is necessary to do three big things: family culture, corporate culture and office culture.

“The family is the cell of society”, is the basic economic unit, the basic security unit, the basic cultural unit. All the good things of the homeland and the country originate from the family and vice versa, all the restlessness and unhappiness of the country and the nation also start from the family.

'Economic prices now have the morals of the past'
The family is the cell of society

President Ho Chi Minh taught that: “The family is the cell of society. If the family is good, the society will be good.” Uncle Ho attaches great importance to the issue of educating people, first of all, education from within the family. Therefore, in this National Cultural Conference, it is necessary to discuss in depth about family culture, corporate culture, office culture and public service ethics. Must understand, family culture is the foundation of society. Corporate culture is the economic foundation. Office culture and public service ethics are the political foundation. When all three cultural pillars are taken care of, the culture of our nation will flourish.

In the will of President Ho Chi Minh, it was affirmed: “Our Party is a ruling party. Each party member and cadre must be truly imbued with revolutionary morality, thrift, integrity, justice and impartiality. As I said, morality reflects the culture of the ruling party, specifically the behavior culture of cadres, civil servants and public employees with the people.

The content of behavioral culture is very broad, with a contingent of civil servants and public employees, in your opinion, how should a culture of behavior be right?

Behavioral culture of civil servants, civil servants today as well as officials in the past, the lowest position in the past was Ly Chief. In feudal society, in any dynasties, our ancestors were very interested in the officials closest to the people, that was Ly Truong. Where Ly Truong was popular with the people, the people loved and respected the court and vice versa. I want to give an example of King Le Thanh Tong (reigning the country from 1460 to 1497) as one of the wise and respected emperors in Vietnam’s feudal history.

The reason why Le Thanh Tong is the most intelligent emperor is because he carefully selected the grassroots officials, right from the level of the chief, to be the chief, he had to meet four criteria: “Student disciple” ie. is to be knowledgeable; “Affordable property” means knowing how to get rich, because only those who know how to enrich their families know how to enrich their relatives, villages and the wider society; “Moderate virtue”, daily contact with people at all times and places must be peaceful and courteous; “Trustworthy language”, as the head of the village, how can people say whatever they believe.

In 1947, right at the moment when he had to focus on preparing for the Autumn-Winter Campaign, at the Viet Bac base, President Ho Chi Minh wrote a famous book titled: “Revising the way of working” consisting of 6 parts: Critique. flask and repair; Several things experience; Revolutionary character and ethics; Staff issues; Leadership style; Against blasphemy. This is a manual to teach morals and culture of the people’s civil servants, to mobilize the strength of the Party, the nation, the army and our people to contribute to bringing the whole people’s resistance war to a glorious victory. . The things in the book “Modifying the way of working” are still valid, and today we are trying to learn the teachings of Uncle Ho through the campaign “Study and follow the moral example”. Ho Chi Minh”.

From the way of national governance of ancestors, from Uncle Ho’s teachings, the Party has realized and is determined to correct the contingent of cadres and civil servants by Regulation 47-QD/TW (November 1, 2011) and recently is Regulation 37-QD/TW (October 25, 2021) on what Party members cannot do.

Vietnam can be proud of being one of the leading information technology developing countries in the world. But it cannot be denied that a part of the people, especially young people, have degraded morally and culturally because of the Internet. As the first Minister of the Ministry of Information and Communications, what do you think about this?

First of all, network society and netizens are virtual society, but virtual society honestly and objectively reflects real society. How is the real society, the virtual network reflects that, so to solve the problem of the virtual society, it must be solved from the real society.

Solving problems, specifically state management, but “management” must have “reason”, must be based on management principles, laws must be changed in time to suit life, shape everyone’s lives. evolution. Managing network society is like managing real society, that is, it must be managed from the ground up, “manager” must have “manager”. That means respecting the law and caring about people’s psychology.

We are living with the Technology Revolution 4.0 and then the Revolution 5.0 and we cannot stand on the sidelines of this revolution. Looking at some spoiled young people, living without aspiration, not knowing about tomorrow, living passively, even breaking the law to the point of falling into labor law, many people attribute it to the Internet, social networks, Due to the development of information technology, in my opinion these attributions are not convincing. Because these people are just a few compared to the rest, who are and will be relying on technology – information and Internet platforms to study, acquire information, knowledge, learn good, right, learn. get rich, share difficulties with the people, bond with love, cultivate culture and knowledge domestically and internationally.

Does that mean he’s not too worried about the fact that young people spend 5-7 hours a day “living in the virtual world”?

Everything has two sides, both positive and negative. In the past, there was no Internet, social networks, Smartphones… also negative, some people broke the law, so it cannot be attributed to social networks or information technology that a part of young people degraded in culture. moral degradation.

Many people have told me about the younger generation born after 2000, less interested in grandparents, uncles, brothers, relatives and worried about the family’s traditional culture being lost. I think, don’t worry too much and as evidenced by General Vo Nguyen Giap’s funeral, 70% of people who come to burn incense for General are young generation. Ask why young people come to visit the General, many people ride motorbikes hundreds of kilometers back to Hanoi and wait for many hours just to light incense in front of the General’s photo. For a person who has never met, only knows through books and social networks that young people are willing to stop all work to come and burn incense for General Vo Nguyen Giap, there is no reason why they don’t remember him. grandparents, parents, brothers, uncles.

'Economic prices now have the morals of the past'
An art performance at the opening ceremony of “The Great National Unity Week – Vietnam’s Cultural Heritage in 2021”. Photo: Khieu Minh

This National Cultural Conference will certainly discuss “preserving national cultural identity”. Sir, what is the point of preserving national cultural identity when some economic experts have said to abandon the traditional Lunar New Year, “eating New Year’s Eve for international integration”?

That is just the opinion of a very few people from an economic perspective, not representing the majority.

Culture is an identity that has been distilled, deposited and absorbed over hundreds and thousands of years. Time has eliminated transient phenomena, only depositing the core of tangible and intangible values ​​that are traditional culture. Just like our ancestors in the past, today’s culture is always selected by time, what is suitable will last, and what is not suitable will be eliminated by itself.

The Lunar New Year is a traditional culture that has been deposited over thousands of years not only by our ancestors, our nation but also by countries in East Asia. But in the “flat world”, Vietnam and other countries that “eat” the traditional Lunar New Year still enjoy the New Year according to the European-American ethnic groups, it is also necessary to adjust the rest time accordingly between the two countries. Tet so that people can enjoy both national and international Tet.

I am a child of the Central region, where from time immemorial, families and people all wish to return to their homeland on the traditional New Year’s Day. But in fact, the days before – during – and after Tet, expatriates returning to their hometowns have a very hard time, especially women. The longer the New Year lasts, the harder it is for women, they can’t play Tet, and enjoy Spring but struggle for food and drink every day. Personally, I think that it is possible to shorten the Lunar New Year holiday and extend the New Year holiday or keep the Lunar New Year holiday and increase the New Year holiday so that those who are far away the countryside can choose and enjoy both New Year’s Eve in accordance with the circumstances of each family, both honoring ancestors and connecting with the new place of residence; both traditional and modern; both the nation and the country, that is perhaps more reasonable.

Manh Bon perform

Mr. Pham Quang Nghi: Culture is valued more, weaknesses will be less

Mr. Pham Quang Nghi: Culture is valued more, weaknesses will be less

Expressing concern about why social morality has declined and social crimes have increased, former Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Pham Quang Nghi said that if the cultural sector was given more attention and respect, the weaknesses would fewer.


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