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Hà Nội xét nghiệm Covid-19 cho 100% người dân từ ngày 6/9 đến 12/9

The goal of disease control before September 15

The official stated that the goal before September 15, 2021, to quickly control the Covid-19 epidemic situation so that the city can be included in the group of good disease control according to the disease control criteria of the Ministry of Health.

Implementation principles include classifying areas according to the level of risk and taking appropriate measures for each region to “firmly protect the green zone”, “green the yellow zone”, “narrow the red zone”; Rapidly widespread testing of 100% of people in the entire city to separate F0 cases from the community.

The city also completed the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine for 100% of people aged 18 and over in the area before September 15, based on the number of vaccines assigned by the Ministry of Health.

Based on the number of subjects tested and vaccinated in the area, maximize the sampling points, injection points and sampling force, increase injection after hours, in the evening to ensure completion of the schedule. city.

Consolidating anti-epidemic “fortresses” in each ward, commune, town, taking people as “soldiers” as the service center, the subject of epidemic prevention and control with the drastic intervention of the entire system politics under the unified direction of the City Command.

Strengthening information and communication in a timely manner on the situation and measures to prevent and control the epidemic so that the people know, the people understand, the people believe, the people respond, the people support and the people work together ; specifically to make people feel secure and voluntarily implement epidemic prevention and control.

Create maximum conditions for people to ensure daily activities to ensure social security and other essential needs.

To guide and support businesses and units in the area to maintain safe production and business activities to ensure disease prevention and control regulations, to ensure that the production and circulation chain is not interrupted.

Immediately start the economic recovery and promotion in the green and yellow zones and progress to the whole city from September 15.

The heads of authorities at all levels take full responsibility for the implementation progress and immediately report to the Chairman of the City People’s Committee and the head of the City Command Department when there are difficulties, problems or beyond their authority.

From September 6 to September 12, 100% of people will be tested

The city also specifies methods of implementing the above-mentioned goals. Regarding testing, it will mobilize rapid testing forces, scan many rounds to help quickly separate F0 cases from the community, gradually narrowing the red and yellow areas and expanding the green areas while completing the test. The city implements social distancing.

From September 6 to September 12, 2021, testing all 100% of people in the whole city according to the principle of being in blockade areas, isolation areas, and very high-risk areas. people every 2-3 days; in high-risk areas, take samples for testing for the entire population every 5-7 days; In other areas, sample the entire population at least once.

Instruct people to self-collect samples under medical supervision and to apply RT-PCR or rapid antigen testing methods combined with appropriate sample pooling. Strengthen mobile sampling points in communes, wards and townships. After September 12, continue to take samples for monitoring and risk assessment.

Organize safe and effective vaccinations according to regulations for all cases eligible for Covid-19 vaccination who are currently living and working in the area in accordance with the Government’s Resolution and the Prime Minister’s directives. Prime Minister “the best vaccine is the one that is given at the earliest”.

Complete vaccination with 1st dose of Covid-19 vaccine for 100% of people aged 18 and over in the area on the basis of the number of vaccines assigned by the Ministry of Health; injecting 2nd dose for those who have had 1st injection for the prescribed time; giving special priority and attention to frontline health workers, the elderly, cases of underlying medical conditions, pregnant women, and accelerating the increase in vaccination coverage.

Organize multiple injection points; bringing injection points as close to the people as possible, such as in wards, communes, residential groups, villages and neighborhoods. There is no limit on the number of people injecting in each vaccination session, reducing administrative procedures, promoting the maximum capacity of vaccination points. Priority is given to local injection, rolling injection, and definitive injection for each area according to administrative units.

High-risk areas continue to strictly and decisively implement social distancing

Regarding the strict implementation of social distancing and a roadmap to create conditions for gradual economic recovery, in high-risk areas continue to strictly and decisively implement social distancing; must strictly, substantively, promptly and not loosely manage epidemic prevention and control activities during the time of social distancing, not allowing the situation of “tight outside, loose inside”; calling, mobilizing, explaining, persuading, guiding, asking people not to leave the house “who is where, who is there”. The participation, compliance and compliance with regulations of the people play a decisive role in success in epidemic prevention and control.

In low-risk areas, maintain production and business activities in places where conditions are met according to the principle of “safety to produce, production must be safe”; step by step restore and boost production in areas where social distancing ends, ensure safety and strictly comply with regulations on epidemic prevention and control in industrial parks, production and business establishments.

Continue to implement measures to remove difficulties and support production and business in accordance with the law.

Ensure smooth transportation and circulation of goods and pay attention to socio-economic fields and other important activities in the area, especially in communes, wards and townships.

Regarding strengthening the system of “fortress” for epidemic prevention and control at the ward, commune and township levels, which are implementing social distancing, strictly implementing regulations on distance and isolation, “who is where there is”; ensure social security, prevent people from lack of food and clothing; ensure that all people have access to medical services early, remotely and as soon as people have requests to respond promptly;

Ensuring security, order, social safety and people’s safety in the locality; propagandize and mobilize for people to know, understand, believe, follow and do, together with the political system to actively and effectively participate in epidemic prevention and control.

Strengthening activities of “fortresses” to prevent and control the epidemic

Command Departments at all levels focus on directing and consolidating the activities of “fortresses” of epidemic prevention and control in communes, wards and townships in the area in accordance with the direction of the Prime Minister at Official Dispatch No. 1102/CD- TTg dated August 23, 2021, ensuring the apparatus, operating regulations, on duty 24/24/7, having a hotline to receive feedback and being ready to promptly handle any arising situations to meet all needs of people in the area; promptly, regularly communicate and report to the City Command.

The City People’s Committee assigned the Department of Health to urgently issue a plan to vaccinate against Covid-19 and conduct extensive testing to detect SARS-CoV-2 in the city. The Department is also responsible for providing guidance on professional work, coordination among localities, and coordination of medical forces to ensure adequate service at testing and vaccination points in the city.

The Department of Health coordinates with the People’s Committees of districts, towns and medical facilities in the area to organize the implementation of this Official Publication to ensure its completion according to the city’s schedule; Maximize the mobilization of human resources in the health sector in the city, including hospitals under ministries and branches, central hospitals, domestic and non-public medical facilities located in the city. .

Chairmen of People’s Committees of districts, towns are assigned to develop and implement the Plan to “firmly protect the green zone”, “green the yellow zone”, “narrow the red zone” according to the set goals and principles. in this Dispatch; to ensure that each commune, ward and township is consolidated into a solid “fortress” for epidemic prevention and control in the shortest time, well controlled epidemics for economic recovery and promotion.

Chairmen of People’s Committees of districts, towns are also responsible for reviewing, mobilizing and organizing testing and vaccination for all subjects according to the guidance of the Department of Health, ensuring the required progress; take full responsibility for resources and organize the coordination of functional forces and local socio-political organizations (Veterans’ Union, Women’s Union, Youth Union, Volunteers, etc.) Department of Health to organize testing and vaccination against Covid-19 in the deployment areas; ensure security and order, distance and prevent epidemics… at testing and vaccination points.

Inspect and strictly handle cases of violations of epidemic prevention and control

Department of Information and Communications is assigned to coordinate with central and city press agencies to strengthen information, propagate and create consensus, so that people know, people understand, people believe, people follow and people do, together with the political system actively and effectively participates in epidemic prevention and control;

Coordinating with the City Police to strictly handle those who post and share false information about the direction and operation and the epidemic situation; effectively organize the operation of the 1022 switchboard to receive and respond to recommendations and related reflections and advice in the prevention and control of the epidemic within the 24/7 timeframe and promptly transfer to agencies and units for handling. .

The city police guide and create maximum conditions to serve those who are allowed to operate in the area, ensure business and production activities, and do not let the chain of production and circulation of goods be disrupted. Inspect and strictly handle violations.

Implement professional measures on flexible and reasonable mobility management, without causing irritation to people and businesses, ensuring compliance with the distance according to Directive No. 20/CT-UBND dated September 3/ 2021 of the City People’s Committee.

Coordinate with other forces in mobilizing people to participate in testing and vaccination and directing the grassroots police force to ensure security and order at testing and vaccination points.

The Department of Planning and Investment is assigned to assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with the Department of Industry and Trade, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Management Board of Hanoi Industrial Parks and Export Processing Zones and relevant agencies to develop a recovery plan. and promote the economy closely following the progress of disease control in each area of ​​the city.

Continue promoting propaganda and mobilizing people from all walks of life to strictly observe social distancing regulations

Requesting the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Hanoi city and socio-political organizations to continue promoting propaganda and mobilizing people from all walks of life to strictly observe the regulations on social distancing; mobilize all levels, branches, city socio-political organizations, business community and people to actively participate in the work of ensuring social security; acting as the focal point for presiding over and coordinating social security activities according to the city’s policy to ensure timely, effective and safe;

Publish a hotline to receive and promptly handle people’s petitions; supervise the implementation of social security and support policies; take care and share difficulties, especially for workers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, ensuring that no people are left behind without food or clothing.

Along with that, directing forces at the facility to coordinate with medical forces and other forces to complete extensive testing and vaccination in the area.

Request the Hanoi Youth Union to direct the youth unions at all levels to support and supervise vaccination testing in residential areas, including supporting the organization, guiding and helping people to take samples themselves. according to the guidelines of the health sector; ensure distance; mass surveillance.

Request the People’s Committees of districts, towns and related units to regularly update the implementation progress of the assigned contents in this Official Dispatch, send reports to the City People’s Committee via the Department of Health (12h and 18h00). daily). The Department of Health is responsible for summarizing and urging the implementation of the districts, towns and related units.

The Chairman of the City People’s Committee requests the directors, heads of departments, departments and branches of the city, chairmen of the People’s Committees of districts, towns; request agencies, units, mass organizations and organizations in the city and the people to seriously implement the contents of this Official Dispatch.


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