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Phó Cục trưởng Cảnh sát hình sự nói về đấu tranh với hoạt động mại dâm qua mạng

The Deputy Director of the Criminal Police Department (Ministry of Public Security) shared about the struggle with online prostitution, which tends to operate in the form of “Sugar-baby prostitutes”.

A burning problem in today’s society is the trend of prostitution crimes operating in cyberspace, prostitution with foreign elements. Prostitution criminals tend to operate in the form of “Sugar-baby prostitutes”, including children aged 14 to under 16 years old. Around this issue, the Government Electronic Newspaper had a conversation with Major General Ho Sy Niem, Deputy Director of the Criminal Police Department, Ministry of Public Security.

Deputy Director of Criminal Police talked about fighting online prostitution
Major General Ho Sy Niem, Deputy Director of the Criminal Police Department: The trend of prostitution through closed groups on social networks, OTT application is increasingly popular – Photo: VGP/Giang Oanh

Prostitution in closed groups and closed forums is complicated

In recent years, in big cities, prostitutes no longer stand on the street to attract customers but switch to activities of finding customers through closed groups on social networks. How does the Major General think about this issue?

Major General Ho Sy Niem: Crime and prostitution are still hidden with many complicated developments, especially the type of sex workers that take advantage of cyberspace to operate, in which the current situation is the situation of subjects using groups closed, closed forum for prostitution. These groups and forums, depending on different conditions, have tens to thousands of members participating and are usually presented in the following forms:

Firstly, a closed group consists of a group of subjects who are sex workers, and the group’s administrators are professional sex brokers or both brokers and sex workers. An admin can set up and run many different closed groups. A sex worker can also join many closed groups to have the opportunity to reach many people who want to buy sex.

Second, a closed group consists of a group of people who want to buy sex, and the group’s admins are professional sex brokers. Professional sex brokers can set up many different secret groups, many people who want to buy sex can also join many groups to easily broker and buy sex.

Third, a closed forum, including a collection of sex workers, sex brokers and people wishing to buy sex, each of these people can also participate in many closed forums related to prostitution activities. . Usually, the admins of this forum are professional sex brokers.

The reality of the police force’s recent fight against crime and violations of the law on prostitution shows that sex workers, especially those operating in urban areas,… are tending to participate more and more in closed groups and closed forums about prostitution. With the popularity of smartphones, the popularity of the Internet, social networks have made the connection between sex buyers and sex brokers very convenient. A sex broker, selling sex at the same time can easily contact many people who want to buy sex, a person who needs to buy sex at the same time can approach and choose from dozens of rows. hundred sex workers. The use of closed groups and closed forums for prostitution makes the subjects unrestricted in terms of information, images, videos, etc., to exchange, not to be limited in terms of space, geographical area and considered difficult to be detected by the authorities due to the anonymity and high security of the applications.

Prostitution activities through closed groups, closed forums with the characteristics as I mentioned above, along with factors affecting and influenced by the negative sides of culture and society in the market mechanism, In international integration, the degradation of the moral quality of a part of the population is one of the conditions leading to the “rejuvenation” of sex workers, sex brokers as well as the situation of sex buyers in general and sex workers. Prostitution involving foreigners in particular will easily meet the needs, even the most “sick” requests, causing the worst social consequences. The case that the Tuyen Quang City Police removed the prostitution brokerage line in mid-October, most of the sex workers were very young, aged only 14-17 years old is a typical example.

It can be said that the trend of prostitution through closed groups on social networks and OTT applications is increasingly popular, posing many worrying problems in the prevention and control of crime and prostitution. , requires the police force in general and the criminal police force in particular to continue to strengthen and promote solutions and measures to prevent, detect, handle and prevent timely.

Therefore, in the coming time, based on their assigned functions and tasks, the criminal police force will continue to coordinate with relevant agencies and departments to comprehensively and synchronously implement measures to combat the problem. professional combat effectively with crimes related to prostitution operating through closed groups and closed forums.

8 solutions to strengthen the fight and eliminate prostitution

Does the Criminal Police Department propose any solutions to prevent and stop criminals from prostitution, Major General?

Major General Ho Sy Niem: In order to effectively prevent and fight prostitution-related crimes, in the coming time, the Criminal Police Department will continue to advise leaders of the Ministry of Public Security to implement many solutions.

Firstly, continue to organize the effective implementation of plans on prostitution prevention and control, period 2021-2025 under the Government’s Program to promote the synergy of the whole political system and create transformations. comprehensively and deeply among the masses in the fight against crime and violations of the law on prostitution. Advise the Party committees and local authorities to direct departments and mass organizations to mobilize the masses to condemn and fight against crimes and violations of the law on domestic prostitution and the situation of Vietnamese women. prostitution abroad.

Second, regularly announce methods, tricks and harms of crime and prostitution to the masses, pay attention to fraudulent tricks that send women abroad to sell sex and take advantage of space. networks for prostitution, people in difficult circumstances and children at risk of being lured into prostitution.

Third, coordinate with other departments to strengthen the state management of information security, especially residence management, management of foreigners; strengthen the inspection and inspection of business establishments and lines of business that are prone to social evils in order to promptly detect violations, loopholes and shortcomings in management so as to take preventive measures. fight and handle in time, not to let prostitution take advantage to operate.

Fourth, synchronously apply professional measures to grasp the situation, manage the area and the object. Strengthen the fight and eliminate the points, dens, brokerage lines, prostitution activities in all forms. Focusing on detecting, fighting, dismantling, and cracking down on gangs, prostitution brokerage lines, and prostitution activities in cyberspace and with foreign elements.

Fifth, do a good job of receiving and dealing with news reports, denunciations of crimes and petitions to prosecute prostitution activities in accordance with law. Improve the effectiveness of the fight, investigation and handling of special cases, cases and cases on prostitution. To closely coordinate with the procuracies and competent courts to prosecute, investigate, prosecute and strictly handle crimes related to prostitution activities in accordance with law, especially acts of child prostitution. children, trafficking in women and children for the purpose of prostitution, prostitution with foreign elements…

Sixth, conduct preliminary and final reviews of thematic, specialized projects and serious prostitution cases in order to assess the actual situation, methods and tricks of the crime, especially the forms of prostitution. , new prostitution tricks; identify difficulties, obstacles and inadequacies in the prevention, detection, investigation and handling of crimes and illegal acts related to prostitution to research, advise and propose effective output.

Seventh, improve the responsibilities of the head of the grassroots police, attach the responsibilities of the police chiefs of the units, localities and officers and soldiers in “healthy” the area. Do well in political and ideological education, pay attention to encourage and reward collectives and individuals who have made outstanding achievements. Promptly detect and propose to strictly handle cases showing signs of irresponsibility, abusing positions and powers, covering up criminals and violating other laws on prostitution.

Eighth, research and review the provisions of the law, especially the regulations on information security management for conditional business establishments, regulations on the level of penalties for administrative violations for sex buyers and sex offenders. selling sex to advise, recommend, and propose the competent authorities to amend and supplement to suit reality.

Completing the Draft Plan to prevent prostitution for the period of 2021-2025

Recently, the Prime Minister approved the Prostitution Prevention Program for the period of 2021-2025. It is known that the Department is coordinating with functional agencies to draft the implementation plan of the Ministry of Public Security. Could you please provide information on the content to be emphasized in the Draft?

Major General Ho Sy Niem: Following the direction of the leadership of the Ministry of Public Security, currently, the Criminal Police Department has presided over and coordinated with the Drug Crime Investigation Police Department and the Police Department for administrative management of social order. , Office of the Ministry of Public Security, Department of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Public Security and local public security have completed the draft Plan on prostitution prevention and control for the period 2021 – 2025 of the Ministry of Public Security and are reporting to the leadership of the Ministry for approval, signing and promulgation. . The draft Plan on Prostitution Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Public Security has emphasized the following contents:

Focusing on leading, directing and effectively implementing preventive measures, taking prevention as the focus; promptly detect, fight and strictly handle crimes and violations of the law related to prostitution, resolutely not to form complex prostitution sites and venues, prolonged activities causing frustration. Fame; combine prostitution prevention and combat with drug-related crimes and crimes, human trafficking crimes, acts of abuse against women and children; handle the situation of Vietnamese women going abroad to engage in prostitution.

Ensure that 100% of denunciations, news reports and complaints about violations of the law on prostitution prevention and combat are received, verified, classified and handled in a timely manner; annually, increase by 3-5% of crimes related to prostitution handled according to the provisions of law; coordinate in inspecting at least 20% of the number of business and service establishments prone to prostitution in the locality; by 2025, 100% of facilities are inspected at least once.

Proactively forecast the situation, review, detect and clarify the loopholes and omissions that are the causes and conditions for the arising of prostitution in order to advise and propose solutions to prevent and prevent; propose adjustments, amendments and supplements to policies and regulations on prostitution prevention and combat to suit reality.

Identify the objects that need to be focused on managing and fighting. The first is the subjects operating in business and service establishments subject to information security conditions; in the field of cultural activities, entertainment, art, tourism… suspected of prostitution; the second is the suspects and gangs of organizing prostitution activities in the form of “call girls”; brokers in the form of contracts to adopt “adopted children” and “adopted fathers” to organize prostitution activities. In which, special attention is paid to professional gangs and subjects, large-scale activities, complex nature; the third is the objects and gangs that act to “protect” prostitution activities; trafficking in women and children for the purpose of prostitution; buying, selling and organizing illegal use of narcotics related to prostitution; and people who have acts of buying and selling sex.

Thank you very much, Major General.

According to Chinhphu.vn

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